Monday, October 5, 2009


Newfoundland is a photogrpaher's paradise. I just returned from photographing a friend's moose hunt in Newfoundland Canada. Just getting there is an adventure. A surface trip requires an 11 hour ferry boat ride from Nova Scotia to the vast island. Via air, we flew from Toronto to Halifax NS and on to Deer Lake Newfoundland. Our base was the Tuckamore Lodge in Main Brook NF. where the accomodations and dining are superb!

My hunting friend took a trophy moose on the first day of his hunt, 7 miles into a rugged interior of bogs, rocky ridges, lakes and impenetrable scrub forests. Following the kill, I spent 9 hours walking with our very nimble guide over at least 20 miles of knee and leg stressing topography, but it was well worth the effort to observe more moose in this wild and beautiful and very remote landscape.

The rest of the week was spent investigating the sights of northwest Newfoundland where tiny fishing villiages cling to the bases of mountains on protected bays and whales play about icebergs in the harbors during the summer months .

The guide called in several more bull moose to the camera, some of which approached within just a few feet of us; much too close for comfort. The one great complication to photography in Newfoundland is an abundance of heavy cloud cover and dim light weather. The northern coast offers thrilling scenery complete with seals, whales and a multitude of birds during the warmer months. Newfoundland is a must-see place for photo fans.

If you visit Newfoundland, take fast lenes, lots of flash cards, a hard drive backup and a waterproof windbreaker. Lots of lodging and camping is available on the island known as "The Rock."