Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hurry Up Spring!

Wow, what a winter! The Flyfishing / Wingshooting Show in Charlotte, NC the last weekend of January yielded four inches of ice to that area! That ground the show attendance down to a halt. We were camping at the McDowell Nature Preserve and the employees couldn't even make it to work! We had the entire beautiful campground to ourselves, sipped coffee and watched the wildlife out the camper windows. I was able to get some neat photos. We had to stay at the campground an extra day just to be able to get out.

The Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA Feb. 6-14 was dumped upon with
around 26 inches of snow! We camped in the parking lot and the Farm Show Complex staff did a good job of keeping up with the plowing. We were prepared with a snow shovel and I gave it a workout! Other than the days that the Govenor closed the highways, the show had excellent attendance. My programs were well received with the question and answer periods lasting an additional hour after the program. People are really into photography these days!
Currently I am shooting returning woodcock, strutting grouse and migrating waterfowl. We still have remaining snow but the higher temps are melting it slowly. Hurry up spring!