Thursday, December 9, 2010

For the love of bird dogs

Watching well trained bird dogs work their trade with skill and instinct is one life's great pleasures  The dog's enthusiasm for the hunt is so wonderfully obvious that man can only be envious. How wonderous it would be to smell and sense what they do, upon locating the quary and closing into point or flush. How exciting it would be to experience the nerve-tingling sensations that stiffen their gait and lock their entire purpose of life into that moment.

We upland bird hunters are merely observers who watch these true hunters go about their business with amazing skill, complimented by physical senses that far surpass ours. We love the thrill of the hunt, but how much more enchanting would it be to experience it as thoroughly as does the dog. Although we are very much part of the hunt, dogs enjoy greater rights to success or hero-shot photos than do we, the shooters.

Afield, the eyes of a bird dog twinkle with excitement and purpose similar to those of a child on Christmass morning. How poor is the person who has not experienced upland bird hunting with trained dogs.