Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bears, Bears, Everywhere

I was very fortunate to have an invitation from a good man and friend to photograph black bears on his property. The stories of his sightings and the bear activities were hard to believe and made my shutter release finger itch with anticipation! My initial visits were fun and filled with story telling and experience sharing, but no bears. I wasn't worried because he had provided his own photos for proof of what he had been seeing. On my recent visit, the bears arrived and put on a show. I'd be focused on one bear and another would walk practically under my lens! I didn't know which one to focus on sometimes! We saw a total of 17 different bears and I was thrilled, and so was my friend. Black bears, in rainy, low light conditions, are a challenging subject. I am anxious to return for another chance to photograph the bears in better light conditions.

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